Davis Moore

Life Science

Project / Affinergy


Affinergy, located in the RTP, develops assays and research tools that enhance scientific and diagnostic outcomes.   Affinergy and their sister company, a very successful preclinical CRO, were housed in one facility.

01. The Issue

Both companies experienced significant growth over the last several years and found themselves in a situation where there was no place for them to expand and grow the businesses.  It appeared as if one of the companies would have to relocate in order for the growth to continue. Given that the same management team leads both groups, it was important to keep the companies close if not in adjacent spaces.  The apparent solution was to construct a new facility that would allow growth for each company while remaining under one roof, however the capital outlay for this scope of project and time required to construct a facility was not ideal.

02. The Solution

Acting as Affinergy’s advisor, and after due diligence on the companies use of space, the Davis Moore life sciences team was able to identify a lease location that had the appropriate laboratory infrastructure to accommodate both companies.   Minimal improvements were required to make the space functional for both uses.

03. The Benefit

Being able to remain in one location, with an aggressive rent structure and improvement package from the landlord, and not having to reproduce the highly specialized laboratory space, allowed Affinergy to save millions in capital costs while maintaining efficient operations under one roof.